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The Conscience Piece Pilot Project 2020 - Sonoma Valley High School

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Isolation, expectations, pressure, social media, mental health, body positivity, LGBT+, abuse, addiction, community, kindness, support, RESPECT.

For over 20 years, the Conscience Piece was written and performed by Terra Linda High Drama students for the school community. Our message: students should be seen and heard. They have stories to tell and they have a voice.

And now we have taken this project on the road to see if it resonates with other school communities. And after 3 weeks of work on this project, I can say that this original piece is as powerful, it is as moving and overwhelming and wonderful. I am impressed with the intelligence, ideas and confidence that these Sonoma Valley HS students have shared so far.

With two former students assisting me (Amanda Evans and Daniel Elmore), we have been welcomed into this amazing theatre community at SVHS and are so proud of their truth, their focus, their stories and their respect for the process and the project.

This is only the first step toward building a Conscience Piece program for school communities everywhere. Next step: building a team of facilitators/former students who experienced this project and want to make a difference in young people’s lives.

Interested in seeing this project? There will be an evening performance for parents, family and friends, on Wednesday 3/11/20 at 7pm at Sonoma Valley HS Theatre, 20000 Broadway, Sonoma, Ca. Free admission.

Photos by Daniel Elmore, and gratitude for the support of SVHS Drama Teacher, Jane Martin.

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