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The Conscience Piece

What is your school’s story today? How do you celebrate the school’s identity and individual student identities?  What is needed to heal, to shift the paradigm, and to make positive and lasting change? What do we need to create, so that students feel safe and nurtured in their learning environment while encouraging curiosity and creativity?

The Conscience Piece program encourages important conversations for all students by starting with stories written by their peers. Students’ stories need to be shared, problems need to be solved, and empathy needs to be fostered, so that they can grow and prosper. Live theatre that is truthful, real, and powerful is the best way to share this message with a school community and through open dialogue.


Through the 20-hour intensive Conscience Piece Program, student leaders experience the personal empowerment that comes from owning their stories and being heard. By sharing their stories in their school community via live performances with interactive Q&A sessions, bonds of understanding and respect are forged across social groups, opening up the potential for greater cooperation and friendships. 

See the info sheet for details about the creative process, production format, outcomes, and fees, along with a school case study.


Learn about the Conscience Piece

through interviews with the creator and student participants.

Experience a student performance

in two parts. Part 2 contains Q&A session.

Now accepting inquiries for Spring 2022 productions:

Thanks for your interest! We'll follow up with you soon.

Script and Score Available Now


Originally produced at
 NY Summerfest 2018




Have you ever wanted to crawl back into your childhood?

Welcome to Sarah's imaginary world where memories are characters and the Cries of Humanity has come to life as Sarah's guide and comfort to help her navigate a present and shocking reality. Just like us, she can not go back to her younger days when life was simple and happy. She must accept, learn to tell the truth, and begin again.


In this moving story with music, Cry Love takes you to an abstract, dream-like place.  An almost all female, multi-age cast makes this story relatable, nostalgic, real and raw. 

Contact Christina Stroeh for more information about producing this show.


Sarah - Cry Love


Cry Love: Sanctuary

Script and score available.
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cast: 4 women, 1 man
Music: originally produced with a four-person band, the show could be supported musically by one piano player.

Coming Fall 2021

Something to say

Field Guide for high school theatre educators from a 27-year veteran.
By Christina Stroeh


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