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"She RED the room."

Women are known multi-taskers. We walk into a room and know immediately how we fit in, know what's being asked of us and then we get to work. Our ability to read the room is our super power. We know what needs to be done, on every level. And if we don't, we ask questions, we ask for directions, we ask for help. Especially as we evolve and move out of old paradigms. Women are working harder than they ever have before. Mothers, sisters, daughters, all striving for a good life, a satisfying life, while mostly just surviving day to day. AND WE DO SURVIVE. Mostly because we can do more than one thing at a time. In the midst of all this hard work, we still love pretty things, cool things, fun things like fashion, and museums and travel.

I was traveling when I was encouraged to read Love, Loss and What I Wore, a play by Nora and Delia Ephron. I read it and knew that the Rotarian women in my Club needed to do this as a project to raise money for the non-profit Bloom. My goal as President of my Club this year has been to bring in more women to the Club - reach some gender parity. Representation matters and so here we are, presenting a play about women and fashion, their feelings and memories about what they wore and how our identity, our choices are interconnected with our clothing. Does it seem trivial to be talking about fashion at a time when we are all exhausted and heartbroken by the news of the world? I think we must continue to find the joys. However small and momentary. This bittersweet play provides a respite from the news. Red is also a super power color. Pops of red run throughout this production. Bloom also uses red as a way to energize and give courage to the women in our Community.

Please join us for this special event on Sunday, March 13 at 2pm at the beautiful Jonas Center in Novato. Tickets available here.

Love, Loss & What I Wore Event Poster

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