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Lucy/Ophelia and Dawn/ Laertes in Hamlet. TL Muses.
Lucy/Ophelia and Dawn/ Laertes in Hamlet. TL Muses.

The idea of what a “muse” means in my life, has been rambling around in my head for the past two weeks.

Probably because in the past three years, after I left teaching, I haven’t had a muse, or 150 muses, as I did at the high school. I no longer have an audience. A team to share ideas with. Creative beings that walk in the room, raw and entertaining, emotional and animated, and probably most importantly, just plain silly. That silly factor, the make believe factor, has been missing in my daily life. And so, as I am starting these creative projects, with these amazing people in my life, I have come to realize why they are so amazing, and why they make me happy and more crazily creative.

I cannot do this in a bubble. I never could. I had my two sisters for at least 18 years to create with, and to pretend, and play with. I went into my teaching career at such a young age, 23, that I always had a room full of creative beings to engage with and to feel inspired by. So now that I have found it again with my book partner and my artist partner and my filmmaker partner and my Cry Love partners and my mood board partner, I will never allow myself to live any other way. No wonder I got sick! No wonder my brain and my body said no!

Without a muse, a light, a passionate voice that says YES to all of my ideas and the silliness, without that, I realize that I can only do half the work. I have always believed in the power of the ensemble. The team, the strong supportive music that brushes the world in bright colors and tone.

And so these muses, the powerful voices that inspire me, are now here to remind me of my purpose, and to help me offer up my Art in the most healthy, happy, imaginable way possible.

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