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Creativity Coaching

By Christina Stroeh
Arts Educator, Director, Filmmaker, Composer & Creativity Coach

Christina Stroeh

Songwriting, Voice, Acting, Teaching, Directing, Storytelling…

My role is to help students and clients build a creative foundation, a positive relationship with creativity that lasts their whole lives. 


We were all born with a need to be creative, but sometimes we forget what that feels like, we forget how to play. I am here to help you remember that feeling and to encourage you to tell your unique and creative story.

Get Inspiration. Support. Ideas. Experience.

Our adventure together will start with dreaming BIG, goal setting and then assembling skills, talents, ideas, inspiration, contacts and connections. Not only will we strengthen our creative literacy, but we will engage our curiosity, and will re-discover our relationship with joy. 


The work we do together also includes the space I live in. The music room and studio look out at the outdoor Magic Walk Theatre, which is nestled in a butterfly, bird and wildlife habitat. This wonder-filled space, these gardens, are designed to encourage the creative juices, to tap into the sensory experience that is at the root of curiosity, freedom and art.

Spark your own creative ideas with a supportive coach to guide you.

I have over 30 years of experience in Arts Education, creating community and encouraging meaningful expression. I am here to help you empower and expand what you already know and give it a voice.

Coaching Format

  • Personalized hourly sessions, individual or small group (2-4)

  • Zoom sessions available

  • Hourly rate per person:
    $120 Venmo/Cash/Check

Contact Christina 

To learn more or schedule, get in touch today!


“My daughter has LOVED working with Christina. Her self-confidence and enthusiasm for performing have grown as a direct result of Christina’s coaching. It feels like playing for Sadie, but she is learning so much about acting, singing, and expressing her own voice.”


Marisa Remak, mother of 8 year old lead in Queen Bea film

“Christina has a unique ability to build artistic partnerships and inspire creativity with humans from the age of 1 to 100. Her creative gifts and talented artistry encourage others to tap into their abilities fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the arts. She exudes joy and passion while setting a high standard and work ethic for herself and others. Any project or person she is connected with, will be positively impacted by her artistic mastery and knowledge. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Angela Heckler, former student and parent of student

“Christina is one of the great blessings in my life. If the saying “through rain and sleet and…” was not already being used, she could easily use it as her motto. She gets the work done, helps you to do the same, and with a smile. I have been fortunate to collaborate with Christina while working on a nonprofit project, but also as a minor part of her art.”

Steve Rempe, collaborator at Novato Theater project, grandparent of a student

“Christina's energy and enthusiasm are deliciously infectious... and she has the wisdom, experience, and insights to make great visual ideas come to fruition."

Lynn Luckow, Rotarian and RYLA Camp Director

“I don't know a single person who, after a conversation with Christina Stroeh, doesn't feel inspired to do something in our world to make it better. Christina's positive and vibrant energy is contagious - after a half hour with her, you feel reinvigorated, re-purposed, and focused. Her experience and her creative approach to the world are the perfect fit for someone looking to find their voice, to find their inspiration for their next project, or to identify the necessary steps toward achieving their goals. Christina has both the big picture vision as well as a nuanced understanding of all the small details needed to put an idea into motion. I cannot imagine a better creativity coach!”


Abbey Levine Picus, Novato Unified School District Board member,
parent, teacher, community leader and former student

“Christina has been an invaluable resource for helping me to write my first Children's book. She possesses a remarkable eye for design and curriculum, drawing from her expertise across a diverse range of artistic mediums including music, theater, filmmaking, writing, and beyond. What sets her apart is not just her creative flair, but also her role as a trusted sounding board for ideation. Christina strikes the perfect balance between being incredibly supportive and encouraging, while also being action-oriented. Working with her has been transformative, and I wholeheartedly recommend Christina to anyone seeking a coach who not only understands creativity but also knows how to guide and inspire it.”

Charlie Reid, author

“I've never worked with anyone as magical and inspiring, yet grounded, as Christina. I have had the honor of watching her teach, and her vision and passion for helping others knows no bounds. She is somehow able to draw out the confidence and excitement in absolutely everyone, from young children, to high school students, to adults of every age. And absolutely everyone in her presence feels loved and encouraged. 

Christina has helped me with many projects and places where I was ‘stuck,’ including brainstorming career pathways, curriculum design, interior decorating, and even writing my wedding vows. In every instance, she was able to truly SEE me, listen to me carefully, and draw out exactly what I had been trying to say or do, while also giving me ideas that hadn't even occurred to me. 

Working with her is energizing and confidence boosting. She brings her natural creativity and talents, her 35+years of experience working in classrooms, theaters, and music, and her gentle yet encouraging demeanor to every project, big or small. And, most importantly, she is solution oriented and has the knowhow to see things through to completion, even if you can't.  You have the biggest cheerleader in Christina. Working with her is an absolute joy and a game-changing experience, and I recommend it without hesitation.”


Amy Reid, teaching colleague

To learn more or schedule, get in touch today!

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