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Queen Bea's Field Guide for Fairies & Friends


Activities to stimulate your creativity and bring joyful play into your life. 

Fun for "kids" of all ages (including adults), whether you've seen the film or not.

$30 USD

Includes tax and shipping within continental USA*

QueenBea Activity Book / Field Guide Cover

* You may also pick up your book in person on Nov 7.  Contact us  to request.

This book has been lovingly created for you by Lais Fonseca and Christina Stroeh, a creative team that believes in fairies and empowering all ages to use their imagination!  Based on the film, Queen Bea, this companion book serves as a reminder that play time is the most important time.  Encouraging our community to be curious, capable, and compassionate are the keys to living a magical life.

Walking with CHARLIE

Written by Scott Hayes (as told to Christina Stroeh)
Illustrated by Lais Fonseca 

When Scott told me about his adventures and 

friendship with his neighbor's dog, Charlie, I knew this would make for a great children's book. Scott's story gives us a glimpse into his day to day walks with Charlie, and his eyes light up every time he talks about him. The love that Scott has for Charlie is immense, and is only exceeded by how much the community loves Scott.  He is a treasure and an inspiration to us all. 



price includes tax & shipping in the Continental USA

Coming in 2022+

Something to say

Field Guide for high school theatre educators from a 27-year veteran.
By Christina Stroeh

Edited by Lauren Pizzi

Assistants: Daniel Elmore,  Amanda Evans


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