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Over 100 shows - 4 productions a year - PHEW!

My 100th show that I directed at Terra Linda High School was In The Heights. Still my very favorite show. Well...okay, I loved EVERY show as though it was the very best show EVER.

Whether I loved the Eurydice set and story, the beats in the writing of Betrayal, that particular set of fearless actors in Noises Off, the flyer for our one and only attempt at a G&S production, Pirates of Penzance, the freshman stage manager that blew us all away in Singing in the Rain, the power and maturity of A Streetcar Named Desire, or the first Hamlet that I directed in our newly renovated studio theatre that was based on the design of the Black Swan at OSF.  Every show had a story behind the scenes. Every production was a puzzle to be solved. Every time I walked into the theatre, and I was alone, and it was so quiet, I would take a deep breath and lift my face to the stage lights. I would think, this is where I belong.

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