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Presenting an Evening of Short Films by Female Filmmakers

I'm pleased to share this upcoming public event sponsored by my Rotary Club. It features Snigdah Kapoor, an award winning India-born Cinematographer based out of New York City. Your $20 entry fee will benefit NYC Women Filmmakers:

SHORT FILMS BY FEMALE FILMMAKERS Friday Sept 24 / 6:30-9:00 PM at the Bill & Adele Jonas Center at IVC 1800 Ignacio Boulevard, Novato, CA

All CDC, State, and Local COVID guidelines will be followed. I hope you'll join me there!


Why am I sharing this?

I'm thrilled to be currently serving as president of The Rotary Club of Novato, bringing my creative energy, unique perspective, and leadership experience to the group. Our club offers opportunities for:

• Serving local and global communities

• Making new professional and personal friendships

• Doing good / making a difference with like-minded folks

• Participation that complements your individual life-style needs.

Rotary International is the top-ranked charitable organization in the world!

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