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The artist is still within.

I can feel her rumbling around, reaching for some light and attention. My Rotary life from July to July is already all consuming. I am constantly creating new ways, new ideas, refreshing and reinventing what it means to be a Rotarian in 2021.

The producer and director and teacher hat is on firmly and I feel like my feet are leading me down familiar paths. I know this. I recognize the certainty. But this isn't the "art", MY 'art" that I was able to immerse myself in for the past four years. She is waiting patiently, impatiently while I play President for a year.

The magical stuff gets written down on mostly yellow lined paper these days. Music is being written, but I am not sure for which project: is it for the film in Scotland? Is it for the Rotary the Musical we are writing to be premiered this December? Am I taking photos for my book on Vignettes? Or documenting my life through the pandemic?

I am putting together events for my Rotary Club and the community that support all art forms. Filmmakers, poets, Shakespeare, dancing, music recitals, drumming, visual art... we are running the gamut. But the juggling act of artist and president is a tricky one. Maybe not for anyone observing the process, but for that rumbling voice inside, the creative within, the "Your art is bigger than you" daily reminder (Hung Liu).

All of this true and alive. And I am grateful for all of it.

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